CX to JX — Customer Experience to Journey Experience

Drivers of CX

  • Personalization — Organisations collect a lot of data about their customers — their preferences, habits, buying patterns and so on. When a customer deals with an organization they expect a personalized customer experience. Customers expect the organization to be on their side of need. That is achievable by only personalizing the content, the application you are building for the customers.
  • Mobility — Customers want to access data and get meaningful results when they are on the move. If the organization does not keep up then the customers will leave them behind.
  • Self-Service — Give the power to customers to choose and decide what they want. The days are bygone when opening an account requires someone’s help. Moreover, self-service gives them 24/7 access to data that they want to see.
  • Ease — Make the UI more easy and simple. Cluttered UI will increase confusion in customer behavior and will make them frustrated to use the app.
  • Timeliness — Make the UI light so that responsiveness is high and there is no lag in the app. It annoys the customer if there is a loading spinner for more than 30 seconds.




I am a Lead Consultant as well as a Lead Business Analyst at Appscore Digital.

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Anikesh Sasmal

Anikesh Sasmal

I am a Lead Consultant as well as a Lead Business Analyst at Appscore Digital.

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